We're looking forward to seeing you in Brand Lab! Here's how to get started.

STEP 1: Place Your Deposit
Click the button below to submit your refundable $5k deposit to hold your spot inside Brand Lab.

STEP 2: Choose Your Next Step
Once your deposit is received, you will get an email from us that will allow you to choose one of two options to get started.

Option 1: Get started in Brand Lab right away with the current cohort. Since we began on October 4th, your time in Brand Lab will be prorated. This means that instead of a total investment of $18K, yours will be $12K for 4 months of support, with $5k due today and the remaining $7K due January 4th.

Note: The structure of Brand Lab allows for people to join any time within the first three months of the cohort and not feel as though they missed out on anything.

• Option 2: Book a call with Chris to discuss your business, goals, and if Brand Lab is right for you. This is a good option if you're not 100% sure about Brand Lab just yet and want to talk to Chris directly before joining. If Brand Lab is not a fit, your initial deposit will be refunded. Please note that the next available calls for typically book a month out.

Secure Your Spot with a $5k Deposit

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