BrandLift: Scale Your Brand With Strategic Content

Successful business owners, creatives, and content creators get the attention they deserve in today’s noisy world because they have the right systems.

They understand the power of content at scale and how to use it to create an impactful personal brand.

Growing to 2 million+ followers doesn’t happen by just winging it. Becoming an “overnight success” is a myth.

In truth, the entrepreneurs that built multi-million and even billion dollar businesses leveraged the science of branding with proven systems for growth.

Sept. 27th 10:00 a.m. PDT | Duration: 90 mins via Zoom


In this FREE workshop I'll teach you:

✓ How to define your 2-word brand

✓ How to reinforce your brand narrative with storytelling

✓ How to create content at scale with strategy, repurposing, and distribution that will save you time. 

During this live interactive zoom call you’ll learn how to no longer waste hours racking your brain for content ideas or waiting on your team to hand you something you hope will go viral.

You’ll walk away with a clear vision of your personal brand niche and how to communicate your value to the world.

You’ll know how to turn one form of content into 10+ pieces of content, easily.

And, You’ll have your questions answered during the Q&A at the end.

Hear from others who have learned from Chris::

Hi, I’m Chris Do.

For 20+ years I ran a design agency called Blind.

In 2014, I switched gears and started The Futur with the mission to help 1 billion creatives do what they love for a living.

Along the way, I built my personal brand.

My reach grew to over 3.5 million followers across platforms.

My public speaking fee went from $0-30k.

I received 6-figure brand deals.

I was offered equity deals with great companies.

I built corporate relationships with brands like Adobe, Logitech, Volvo, Rode, and Google.

I sold out a world tour teaching thousands of creatives.

Launched Brand Lab, an exclusive mastermind for entrepreneurs.

Now I want to help you do the same.

Who is this webinar for? 

✓ Biz owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives who struggle to come up with consistent content ideas that match their value and personal brand.

✓ Those making 50k per month in their business and want to scale beyond. 

✓ Those that want to get new clients through their content and show off their expertise.

✓ People who want to dominate their industry and build their authority. 

✓ Those who want to make massive amounts of content without sacrificing more time to do so. 

✓ Those who want to get clear about their personal brand, their niche, and who they serve. 

✓ Anyone who wants to scale their brand with or without a team using content marketing systems while building a legacy brand. 

Ready to level-up your content game?

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